Vin Diesel Played Fatherly Role At Paul Walker’s Daughter, Meadow Walker’s Wedding

Vin Diesel Played Fatherly Role At Paul Walker's Daughter, Meadow Walker's Wedding

The then little daughter of the late Paul Walker, Meadow Rain Walker, is all grown and now 22 years of age—and has currently gotten married to the love of her life, Louis Thornton-Allan, in a beautiful ceremony. Congratulations to Meadow and Louis. Since we tragically lost Paul Walker eight years ago, his friend and ‘Fast and Furious’ castmate, Vin Diesel, who has been Meadow’s godfather ever since the death of Paul had to play the fatherly role and walk her down the aisle. I almost shed tears when I saw the picture of Vin Diesel walking Meadow down the aisle.

Meadow Rain Walker and Louis Thornton-Allan got married on a beach in the Dominican Republic. She shared a video of the beautiful marriage ceremony on her Instagram page and let everyone know that she is now a married woman. Vin Diesel and other guests were also seen in the video with all smiles and happiness. That video actually took me back to eight years ago to the tragic death of her father, Paul Walker.

I’m sure Paul Walker is smiling in his grave seeing his friend and castmate, Vin Diesel, walk his daughter, Meadow down the aisle for her to get married to the love of her life, Thornton-Allan. Congratulations once again to the young couple.

Meadow Walker also let Vogue Magazine know that she wasn’t the one who planned the entire wedding but her aunt, Paloma, helped a lot in the planning of the beautiful wedding. Apparently, those around Meadow have been good to her ever since her father, Paul Walker, died. That is the essence of family. According to Meadow, her aunt, Paloma, did an incredible job in making sure their dream wedding happens—and had to heap praises on her for being there all these years.

Also, Meadow, made it known that the family of her husband, Louis Thornton-Allan weren’t able to attend the wedding as well as some close friends due to travel restrictions. That’s true since we are still battling with the COVID-19 pandemic. But despite Louis’ family not being able to grace the wedding, everything went well as planned all thanks to aunty Paloma and a few other close relatives.

From the video and pictures Meadow Walker shared on her Instagram page, the 22-year-old lady is truly in love with her husband, Louis, ready to make it work and spend the rest of their lives together. Personally, I wish them the very best of marital life.

Meadow Rain Walker and Louis Thornton-Allan went Instagram official on July 9, 2021. Louis posted a picture of himself with Meadow looking into each other’s eyeballs and wrote: “Best friend­čĺť”.

Picture credit: Instagram


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