Tori Spelling Swerves A Question About Her Rumored Split From Dean McDermott On “The Wendy Williams” Show

Tori Spelling Swerves A Question About Her Rumored Split From Dean McDermott On "The Wendy Williams" Show

Since Wendy Williams is still on a hiatus, Comedian Whitney Cummings had to sit in for her as host of “The Wendy Williams” Show where she had to throw a question about Tori Spelling’s rumored split from Dead McDermott—but Tori who probably knew such a question would come up swerved it the smart way.

Celebrities have a smart way of swerving questions they aren’t comfortable answering during interviews and Tori Spelling uncomfortable with a question about her rumored breakup with McDermott had to swerve it and save herself from making headlines.

Tori Spelling plainly told guest host Whitney Cummings that she wasn’t going to give an answer when asked about what was happening between herself and Dean McDermott. Tori got into the studio without her wedding band so Cummings was right about questioning her on the current happenings in her marriage.

From the scenes of “The Wendy Williams” Show, Tori Spelling was in a good mood. Tori hates flying so for her to fly to be in the studios with Whitney Cummings is an indication that she was happy being on the show. She is good friends with Cummings so we understand why she had to show up. She wouldn’t have probably shown up if the host was Wendy Williams.

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott are blessed with five kids namely; Liam, Stella, Hattie, Finn, and Beau. They got married in 2006 and it has been rumored that their marriage is about to end since Tori Spelling was seen last week outside an attorney’s office in a heated phone conversation with someone. She was seen with a notepad that had these words on it, “custody,” “support” and “assets.” Tori Spelling went to the attorney’s office to discuss custody, support, and assets? This is why people think their marriage is in shambles. Who discusses custody, support, and assets with an attorney while in a happy marriage?

Dean Dermott on the other hand does not understand why people care so much about his marital status. According to him, the speculations are weird. To him, since his marital status isn’t going to affect anyone’s day, it’s best people mind their business and allow him and Tori to be.

For now, there is no evidence that Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott are splitting up, the only thing that has got people talking and thinking that they could be ending their marriage anytime soon is Tori’s notepad with the words “custody,” “support” and “assets” outside an attorney’s office. It could be that the couple is working things out.

In other news, since Wendy Williams isn’t coming to her show until November 2021, due to health issues, Whitney Cummings will still be the guest host.

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