The Weeknd Splashes $70 Million On A Los Angeles Mansion

The Weeknd Splashes $70 Million On A Los Angeles Mansion
The Weeknd

You never thought The Weeknd could splash a whopping $70 million on a Los Angeles mansion, right? Well, he’s done it and is now the owner of a 33,000-square-foot mansion containing 9 bedrooms, a sports court, a spa with a sauna, a hammam, an indoor pool, an outdoor infinity pool with a waterfall, a movie theatre, a gym and a music studio according to The New York Post.

The mansion has got everything The Weeknd needs as a musician, talk of the gym, music studio and the movie theatre. Once he gets exhausted from working in the music studio, he jumps into the pool, cools his nerves and probably enters the movie theatre to soak himself with some movies on Netflix. The Weeknd has got everything sorted out—thanks to his music career and other businesses.

The New York Post also reports that the 31-year-old “Can’t Feel My Face” singer made the purchase of the $70 million property from the Dutch media mogul Reinout Oerlemans and his wife Danielle. According to the couple, “they originally didn’t want to sell their renovated home until real-estate agents Rayni and Branden Williams of the Beverly Hills Estates approached them” with The Weeknd’s $70 million offer. They couldn’t say no.

TMZ also confirmed that Reinout Oerlemans and his wife Danielle Oerlemans weren’t ready to part ways with their property but the $70 million was too good a deal to let go hence selling it out to The Weeknd.

Via TMZ;

“We’ve confirmed the home’s prior owners – Reinout Oerlemans, a Dutch media mogul, and his wife, Danielle Oerlemans – hadn’t planned on selling, but the $70M was too nice to pass up … and the deal was done off-market.”

Two years ago, The Weeknd spent $21 million on an 8,215 square-foot penthouse in Beverly Hills and now he’s upgraded his celebrity status and living large in a 9-bedroom mansion in Los Angeles.

Here’s how The Weeknd’s new home looks like;

Celebrity Networth says that The Weeknd’s net worth is $200 million and it’s obvious that buying this $70 million property hasn’t put any pressure on his bank accounts. The Weeknd is probably thinking of a new look for his new mansion especially the interior.

In the few months to come, we’ll know whether he got rid of the old interior and splashed some extra dollars to get a new interior look or not. But he’s likely to do a few changes here and there to match his taste.

The deal is done and The Weeknd is the new owner of the $70 million Los Angeles mansion. Congratulations!!!

Picture credit: Instagram


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