Stevie J And Faith Evans’ Marriage Ends After 3 Years

Stevie J Files For Divorce From His Wife, Faith Evans, After 3 Years Of Marriage

Record Producer Steven Aaron Jordan professionally known as Stevie J has just filed for a divorce from his wife, Faith Evans, after three years of marriage. According to reports, Stevie filed for divorce on Monday, November 7, 2021, at the Los Angeles County Superior Court.

Multiple reports claim that news of the divorce has shocked Faith Evans because she thought everything was healthy between her and her husband Stevie J. It is also reported that Faith Evans only got to know that Stevie J had filed for divorce from her on Twitter.

According to a source close to Faith Evans, she really loves Stevie J, and that the news of the divorce has shocked her. But why would Stevie J file for divorce without letting her know? I know couples discuss and sometimes come to an agreement before filing court documents for divorce and if it is true that Faith got to know about the divorce on Twitter then that is strange.

Faith Evans who has been taken by storm by the divorce news really does not know what is going on as Stevie J never mentioned to her that he was filing for a divorce from her. Faith is still in shock over the news of her husband filing for a divorce after three years of marriage.

In July 2018, Stevie J and Faith Evans tied the knot in their hotel room without family and friends. The marriage ceremony was just between them in their hotel room in Las Vegas. It was a simple and less expensive marriage ceremony but the divorce seems to be very complicated.

Their marriage was probably sitting on a time bomb because, in their first year of marriage, there were reports that their marriage was about hitting the rocks which Faith and Stevie J denied. In 2020, Faith Evans allegedly attacked her husband, Stevie J, and was arrested for domestic violence.

The divorce has been filed already and this will be Stevie J’s first divorce and the second divorce for Faith Evans. The reasons for the divorce haven’t been made public yet but since they have a history of domestic violence, it could be one of the reasons behind the divorce.

Just a week ago, Faith Evans posted a picture of Stevie J on her Instagram page and wished him as he celebrated his 50th birthday. The caption on the picture read: “Happy & blessed birthday Mr J! Hurry up, so we can turn up!”

It is obvious that Faith Evans never saw this divorce coming! Stevie J has taken her by surprise with the divorce filing. Stevie J and Faith Evans had no kids together.

Picture Source: Instagram


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