Sam Asghari And Britney Spears Might Not Want Engagement ‘Badly’ As He Deletes Ring Picture And Claims His IG Account Was Hacked

Sam Asghari And Britney Spears Might Not Want Engagement 'Badly' As He Deletes Ring Picture And Claims His IG Account Was Hacked

Just last week, I reported that Britney Spears’ boyfriend aka ‘the love of her life’, Sam Asghari was papped at Cartier in Beverly Hills shopping rings—and according to Entertainment Tonight, the couple wanted an engagement ‘badly’. But there is a twist to the whole engagement brouhaha as Sam Asghari has made a u-turn, deleted the ring picture from his Instagram page, and now claims that his account was hacked. Hacked? He better come out with a more convincing excuse for getting rid of that ring picture because we really cannot wait for that engagement to happen.

With Sam Asghari deleting the ring picture from his Instagram page on Friday, we can assume that they never wanted an engagement ‘badly’ as Entertainment Tonight and other news outlet reported. Because why would someone who wants an engagement ‘badly’ just get up and delete a ring picture that had made the news? Could it be that Sam and Britney Spears have secretly called it quits? This is mostly what happens on the Instagram pages of celebrity couples when they end their relationships, they quickly delete any picture of their partners and erase everything that links them to their old flames. I hope Sam Asghari deleting this ring picture isn’t in any way signaling to us that he’s done with Britney Spears?

Now, let’s get into it. On Sam Asghari deleting the ring picture from his Instagram page, TMZ reports that he put up a post on his Instagram Story letting everyone know that his Instagram account got hacked and was also photoshopped. What’s he trying to say? That the ring picture was photoshopped and posted by whoever hacked his account? Sam should come clear and tell us what’s actually happening because it looks like his excuse for deleting the ring picture doesn’t add up.

Here’s what Sam Asghari wrote on his Instagram Story concerning the deleted ring picture: “account got hacked and was Photoshopped — calm down everyone”. Now, the fans of Britney Spears who were patiently waiting for Sam to pop that question they’ve been waiting for since they started dating in 2016 are probably disappointed since they have to keep waiting for Sam’s right time.

Entertainment Tonight reported last week that, a source had whispered to the portal that both Sam Asghari and Britney Spears are very much into each other and want an engagement ‘badly’ but it seems the source got it a bit twisted this time around. Fans of Britney Spears are suspecting that the couple might have ended their relationship because they do not understand why Sam would delete the ring picture and claim his Instagram account was hacked. As Sam said on his Instagram Story, y’all should calm down and keep waiting for the right time.

All hope isn’t lost yet because according to PageSix, a source told the news portal last week that Sam Asghari has been talking about popping the question, “Will you marry me” to Britney Spears and wants to spoil her with one in a million meaningful proposal when the time is right—and the question remains, when is the right time?

Here’s what PageSix’s source said: “Britney and Sam are not engaged yet, but he has been talking about popping the question more and more lately. Sam wants to spoil Britney with a very special, over-the-top and meaningful proposal when the time is right. He dreams of one day becoming a dad too, and Britney, of course, has always wanted to have more kids, especially now that hers are getting older.”

So yeah, all hope isn’t lost yet. The right time could even be tonight, tomorrow, or anytime but Sam should know that Britney Spears is so much into him and shouldn’t dare disappoint her and her fans.

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