Rick Ross Brags About Buying A Mansion Worth $1 Million Dollars Just To Drive By It

Rick Ross Brags About Buying A Mansion Worth $1 Million Dollars Just To Drive By It

A lot of things excite rich celebrities, like buying a huge mansion, expensive cars, a yacht, and partying just to feel rich and belong to the celebrity clan. But for the poor, these things are vain to them.

Did you know that Rapper Rick Ross once bought a mansion worth $1 million just to drive by it? Well, the rapper has disclosed that he got himself a $1 million mansion just to drive by it in a new interview with Revolt.

Rick Ross in an interview on “Assets Over Liabilities” Show by Revolt TV talked about how he acquired riches through music, real estate, and other lucrative businesses. Rick isn’t only a rapper, he’s a businessman who invests in profitable businesses and properties. That is a smart move! As a musician, once you make money from music, the next thing is to invest in other businesses and that’s what Rick Ross is doing.

According to Rick Ross, he started investing in real estate and other profitable businesses right after securing his first major record deal. Rick disclosed that he is fascinated by homes and that he and his friends used to drive around Atlanta just to admire beautiful homes.

So when he bagged his first major record deal, he bought a million-dollar house around the corner somewhere in Atlanta just so he could drive by it every day while he was still in Atlanta.

Rick Ross has a house in Fayetteville which he reportedly bought for a whopping $10 million in 2014. It is reportedly a 54,000 square-foot home that he still owns. That is not all, the rapper also has another beautiful mansion situated near Fort Lauderdale which he reportedly paid $3.5 million to acquire in March 2021.

Rapper Rick Ross is one of the smartest rappers in Hollywood judging from the investments he has made over the years. He definitely knows his music career won’t last forever and he’s investing hugely in real estate and other businesses just to make sure he secures his future.

In case you missed Rapper Rick Ross’ interview on Revolt new TV show dubbed “Assets Over Liabilities”, you can watch it below:

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