Oprah Winfrey Reveals She Only Has Three Close Friends

Oprah Winfrey Reveals She Only Has Three Close Friends

There is a lot of drama in Hollywood so Opray Winfrey is keeping her circle close and making sure that no intruder gets in there to know what she’s up to and the kind of dirty linens in her closet. This is good and I think everyone on this planet earth should keep his or her circle very close. The 67-year-old talk show host, Oprah Gail Winfrey, says that she has only three friends despite being in the industry for decades. I am not sure Opray is saying this to advise the current crop of social media influencers and TikTokers who have flooded the internet with their entire lives because even if she’s sending a piece of advice to them, they won’t buy that.

This week, Opray Winfrey appeared on Hoda Kotb’s podcast, Making Space with Hoda Kotb, and disclosed that she’s got only three friends. These three people come to mind when she’s asked the question, “Who are your friends? “Here are the three people Opray Winfrey can call friends; Gayle King, Maria Shriver, and then her personal trainer Bob Greene. So if you want anything fishy and private about Opray’s life, consult these people but I am afraid they wouldn’t snitch on her since she calls them her only three friends in a universe filled with over 6 billion human beings.

Gayle King, Maria Shriver, and Bob Greene should probably thank their stars and throw a lavish party to celebrate Opray Winfrey honoring them and letting the world know that they are her only three friends on earth. According to People Magazine, here is what Opray said about her three friends on the podcast “Making Space with Hoda Kotb”;

“I don’t have a lot of friends. Everybody knows Gayle [King]. There’s Gayle, there’s Maria, there’s Bob [Greene]. And that’s about it, you know? Gayle and Maria, I met around the same time; Gayle and I [have been friends for] 42 years, Maria and I [have also been friends for] 42 years.”

Opray Winfrey also talked about not expanding her circle until recently. She probably added a few more friends in recent times but then she never mentioned anyone aside from the three people she talked about in Hoda Kotb’s podcast, “Making Space with Hoda Kotb”. She will probably talk about those friends she recently added to her circle another time on a different platform.

“I never really expanded that circle until recently. You know, I had become friends with a couple of people in my later adult life in the past five years,” Opray said.

Opray Winfrey then talked about how she met and bonded with Maria Shriver. According to her, she met Maria while working at WJZ-TV in Baltimore in the late 1970s and have since remained close friends. Opray also met Gayle King on WJZ and for Bob Greene, she met him in 2003 at a spa in Colorado.

Looking at how Opray Winfrey has been friends with just three people, Maria Shriver, Gayle King, and Bob Greene, for years without them betraying her, one could claim that they probably signed some NDA a few days after they met and became friends. Opray will do anything legal to keep her circle tight.

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