NBA Legend Michael Jordan’s ‘Heavily Used’ Boxer Shorts Are Being Sold For $500

NBA Legend Michael Jordan's 'Heavily Used' Boxer Shorts Are Being Sold For $500
Michael Jordan

Before we get into it, tell me why you wouldn’t want to part ways with your $500 to get a pair of ‘heavily used’ boxer shorts of former professional basketball player and businessman, Michael Jeffrey Jordan? I can part ways with my $500 in exchange for MJ‘s used boxer shorts because I love him—and he was my favorite basketball player those days and I still have mad love for him. He’s a legend and who wouldn’t want to rock in the ‘heavily used’ boxer shorts of a legend? Tell me, who? Unless of course, the person has a lot of important things to do with his/her money. Like paying for a Netflix subscription and other stuff.

PageSix reports that the NBA legend’s ‘heavily used’ boxer shorts are being sold for at least $500—and I know a lot of you are already boiling over the auction but sorry, that won’t change anything. The ‘heavily used’ boxer shorts would still be auctioned.

According to an auction insider who spoke to PageSix, “the shorts were “regularly” worn by Jordan and show signs of “heavy use.” But we’ll be damned if we’re going to ask what that means so if you want to know you’re going to have to find out yourself. Their number is (732) 290-8000. God speed”. The blurb also says that the ‘heavily used’ boxer shorts are “about as close to greatness as one can get”, so it makes sense for people who want to get closer to greatness to hurry and swipe their credit cards to get the NBA legend’s used boxer shorts.

So how did we get here? I know you asked that question when you saw the headline running across the blogs so let’s get into it once again.

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According to PageSix, the ‘heavily used’ boxer shorts and other items ended up in the hands of Michael Jordan’s one-time bodyguard, John Michael Wozniak, who is now putting them up on sale. The other items of MJ that John has put up on sale are coats, suits, ties, and golf clubs. So if you are dreaming of getting so much closer to greatness like MJ, then this is a sure opportunity for you to cough at least $500 and realize your wild dreams.

And as to how the boxer shorts, coats, suits, ties, and golf clubs ended up in the hands of MJ’s bodyguard, John Michael Wozniak, no one knows. Perhaps, Jordan should grant an interview to PageSix and let them know how it happened because according to the portal, they’ve got no idea how Wozniak got his belongings.

I just checked my bank account balance and unfortunately, I cannot get any of MJ’s belongings being auctioned. Can I buy the ‘heavily used’ boxer shorts of Michael Jordan on credit and spread the payment for at least 5 months? Funny, right? Yeah, but I mean it.

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