Meagan Good And Her Husband Of 9 Years, Devon Franklin, Seem To Have Secretly Ended Their Marriage

Meagan Good And Her Husband Of 9 Years, Devon Franklin, Seem To Have Secretly Ended Their Marriage

If this news is anything to be taken seriously then there is fire on the mountain! Reports suggest that actress Meagan Good and her pastor husband of 9 years, Devon Franklin, seem to have ended their marriage. The reports claim everything about Meagan recently suggests she might have ended her marriage with Devon and probably moved on with her life. This is a bit surprising.

This is Hollywood where rumors of a divorce could hit a couple when they aren’t seen together in the public for months. According to some people close to Meagan Good and Devon Franklin, they have not been seen together in the public for months now, and that they think something fishy could be going on in their 9-year-old marriage.

Also, according to an insider who was with Meagan at a Halloween party recently, her wedding ring was missing from her finger and styled herself up like those single women in desperate need of men. A married woman without her wedding ring at a Halloween party? What could be the problem here? Are they be separated temporarily?

A dig on the couple’s Instagram pages reveals that while Meagan was partying in Los Angeles over the past weeks, her husband, Franklin was also minding his business in Atlanta.

The dig on both their Instagram pages also revealed that Meagan Good and Devon Franklin haven’t posted photos of each on Instagram for the past six months. This is quite shocking because a year ago, the couple was all over each other on Instagram where they even embarked on a book tour and lecture series so what happened now?

Now, this is what’s making people think the couple may have ended their marriage or separated secretly. According to a former friend of Meagan Good, she cannot say the couple has called it quits because she has no idea about the current happenings in their marriage but added that Meagan now behaves like a single woman. She couldn’t tell whether Meagan is now involved with another man or not but thinks she has been doing the most lately.

On Meagan Good’s 40th birthday which she celebrated in the Dominican Republic in August, her husband was never seen in any of the birthday pictures she posted on Instagram but surprisingly, she happily showed her friends in her birthday photos.

If Meagan Good and Devon Franklin haven’t ended their marriage then something is definitely wrong and I hope they resolve whatever is breaking up their marriage.

Picture source: Instagram


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