Lisa Rinna, Hasn’t Popped The Champagne Yet Over Amelia’s Breakup With Scott Disick But She’s Savagely Reacted To It

Lisa Rinna, Hasn't Popped The Champagne Yet Over Amelia's Breakup With Scott Disick But She's Savagely Reacted To It

I’m waiting for Lisa Rinna to pop the champagne and celebrate the breakup of her daughter, Amelia Hamlin’s relationship with Scott Disick. Even though the popping of champagne is yet to go down probably at the blindside of the media but she has savagely reacted to the good news of her daughter calling it quits with Scott.

Lisa Rinna is now a happy mom and by now, she’s advising her 20-year-old daughter Amelia Hamlin to get hooked to one of the young dudes out there. Let’s get into it. In the first place, Lisa wasn’t happy about her daughter’s relationship with Scott and she made it clear and questioned why her daughter couldn’t get a young man to be with like Delilah and Eyal?

She’s on record to have commented on Amelia’s relationship with Scott Disick a few weeks ago. Via BuzzFeed:

“We love Eyal. He’s so good for Delilah. She’s really growing into herself. [Lisa’s husband] Harry [Hamlin]’s made it quite clear that he would not object if Delilah and Eyal got married. Which is pretty shocking, but that says a lot.”

“I can’t say the same for Amelia at this point. No. Like, why can’t it be Harry Styles? Why the fuck is it Scott Disick?”

PageSix has reported that Lisa Rinna savagely reacted to news of her daughter Amelia and Scott Disick’s relationship breakup and it seems she’s excited about it and ready to help her daughter find a young man of her age or a little older than her but not someone like Scott.

Scott is 18 years older than Amelia and it was a big concern for her mother, Lisa Rinna. And now that things between them are officially over, her worries are also over. I’m imagining what’s happening in Lisa’s home right now. She could be throwing a mini party though.

I’m bad at getting the meanings of emojis, if not, I would have let y’all know the meaning of the emoji Lisa Rinna dropped on Instagram under a post of news of her daughter’s relationship breakup with 38-year-old Scott Disick.

Lisa on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in July, let everyone know that Amelia Hamlin’s dad, Harry Hamlin was baffled about his daughter dating 38-year-old Scott Disick. His concern was the age difference and also Scott having three kids already from previous relationships. Lisa Rinna on “RHOBH” said: “The issue that’s most enduring is the age difference, which to me is odd”.

Scott Disick and Amelia Hamlin’s relationship breakup has been attributed to Scott sliding in the DM of his ex-girlfriend, Kourtney Kardashian‘s ex-boyfriend, Younes Bendjima, and expressing unsolicited concerns about her PDA with Travis Barker. Scott is just obsessed with Kourtney.

Scott’s private message to Younes about Kourtney and Travis read; “Yo is this chick ok!???? Broooo like what is this. In the middle of Italy”.

Scott Disick and Amelia Hamlin’s relationship is over and Mama Lisa is the one celebrating the breakup news. I’m patiently waiting for her take on the breakup on “RHOBH”. Oh, she could be popping the champagne on “RHOBH”. Just wait for it.

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