Kylie Jenner Confirms She’s Pregnant And Expecting Her Second Child With Travis Scott

Kylie Jenner Confirms She's Pregnant And Expecting Her Second Child With Travis Scott

The Kardashians have another big news—and it’s Kylie Jenner expecting her second child with Travis Scott. The ex-billionaire according to Forbes, has confirmed with a video posted to her Instagram page that she is pregnant and expecting another child soon. 3-year-old Stormi Webster would have a little sibling to play with in the coming months. Congratulations to Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott.

Kylie Jenner hopped on Instagram, posted a video of her growing belly, and let everyone know that she’s pregnant with her second child at age 24. She has probably added that to her achievements. Yes, at 24, she is an ex-billionaire, has a kid, a cheating baby daddy, and expecting another child—and that’s a big deal to the Kardashian family.

People Magazine reports that overly-excited Kylie Jenner dropped a video on her Instagram page with an emoji indicating she is pregnant and then tagged her baby daddy, Travis Scott. Then the Kardashians gathered under the post on Instagram and shared with Kylie her joy. Kourtney Kardashian who is busy doing the most out there with Travis Barker wrote: “Crying this is so beautiful my blessed angel sister ❤️”. Kendall Jenner added: “i can’t handle it 😫🥰❤️”, and then Kim Kardashian came with: “Crying!!!!”.

According to a source, Kylie Jenner is expecting to deliver in a few months to come and she’s over the moon over her pregnancy since she’s adding another member to the Kardashian family soon. The source told People Magazine that: “Kylie is a few months along. She has a cute bump. She is beyond excited”.

The source continued that Kylie Jenner has been waiting for this day to come—to give her child Stormi Webster a sibling and also loves being a mother. Kylie’s few hobbies probably include doing mother duties.

“She has been wanting to give Stormi a sibling for a while. She loves being a mom. She is thrilled that she and Travis are pregnant again. She has been enjoying her pregnancy in private. She has only spent time with close friends and family,” the source said.

Kylie Jenner has always wanted to have more kids but that cannot be said about her baby daddy, Travis Scott. I don’t think Travis wants many kids. Well, maybe he wants but not with one woman, he probably wants more kids with more women and that’s fine since he’s already on the path of making more babies with different women.

In April 2020, Kylie Jenner told her best friend Stassie Karanikolaou during an Instagram Live that she sees herself having seven kids but not now, perhaps in the near future after Travis Scott had put the ring on her finger and walked the aisle with her.

Kylie Jenner at the time said: “I want more so bad. I actually think about it every day, I just still don’t know when. I’m not planning, I don’t have time for that to happen. You can’t, like, not want more almost. Being a parent, though, is stressful, to do the right thing at all times.”

The next breaking news: Kylie Jenner gives birth to a set of triplets!

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