Kevin Samuels Reveals Why He Was Recently Seen With Brittany Renner On A Shopping Date

Kevin Samuels Reveals Why He Was Recently Seen With Brittany Renner On A Shopping Date

Yesterday, November 9, 2021, the man who makes Black women look like they have no idea of what they want in their relationships, Kevin Samuels, was in the headlines over a video of himself with PJ Washington’s ex-girlfriend, Brittany Renner after a shopping date at Lennox Mall in Atlanta. Kevin Samuels posted the video on his Instagram page with the simple caption: “Let me just leave this right here.”

Kevin Samuels and Brittany Renner made the headlines in the blogs over that video he posted on his Instagram page. It was reported that they had started dating which came as a shock to the people who follow Kevin Samuels and Brittany Renner on Instagram. People had doubts about the two getting into a relationship since Kevin isn’t someone who fancies women.

And yes, Kevin Samuels is here to let you know that he and Brittany aren’t dating as it was rumored. Some of us knew that Kevin’s video posted on his Instagram page was to get people talking and lo and behold, people talked and are still talking.

According to Kevin Samuels in a new video posted on his Instagram page, he and Brittany Renner are coming up with something new dubbed “Sugar Daddy” season. Kevin was seen talking about the “Sugar Daddy” season in the video while Renner was seen at the far end at his back which they later burst into laughter.

I cannot wait for this “Sugar Daddy” season to start. Brittany Renner is known for dating athletes and rich Black men so I guess she is the perfect woman for this new Kevin Samuels’ series. Renner is probably going to let us into how these young pretty women get themselves at the right places to be seen by sugar daddies, how they get sugar daddies to give them their credit cards for expensive shopping and vacations, and the benefits that come with going out with sugar daddies.

Brittany Renner is very excited about being part of Kevin Samuels’ ‘Sugar Daddy’ season looking at how she laughed in the video Kevin posted on his Instagram page officially announcing it to his followers and those interested in his show.

In another short clip, Kevin Samuels posted on his Twitter page, Brittany Renner, disclosed that she doesn’t discriminate against men when it comes to relationships and that she has dated a man who was over 50 years old before.

So you see, Brittany is the best person for Kevin’s “Sugar Daddy” season. The full episode is not out yet, just take a look at the excerpt below:

Picture Source: Instagram


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