Kevin Samuels And Brittany Renner Spark Dating Rumors As They Go On A Shopping Date At Lennox Mall

Kevin Samuels And Brittany Renner Spark Dating Rumors As They Go On A Shopping Date At Lennox Mall

Kevin Samuels, 55, and 29-year-old Brittany Renner have sparked dating rumors on the internet after Kevin posted a video to his Instagram showing off his expensive sports car and then his new rumored girlfriend, PJ Washington’s baby mama, Brittany. Reports say Kevin and Brittany who has been tagged as “industry chick” were seen together at Lennox Mall in Atlanta.

If it is true that Kevin Samuels and Brittany Renner are now seeing each other, then people won’t be surprised since she is known for dating athletes and a couple of rich Black men. Kevin is probably in there to experience what these athletes and rich Black men experienced while dating Renner.

But people are a bit surprised that Kevin Samuels who became famous and currently reaping thousands of dollars from YouTube over his stance on Black women could go on a shopping date with Brittanny Renner — who happens to be a Black woman. Kevin and Renner could be up to something (business-related) that in the end will benefit both parties.

Some people on the internet believe that Kevin Samuels and Britanny Renner could be doing this just to end up in the headlines and in the big portals. And you know what it means when they make it onto the big news portals, right? Both their platforms’ following will skyrocket which will translate into dollar bills in their bank accounts.

Kevin Samuels and Britanny Renner’s dating rumors could be a smart move planned by them for the purpose of business and nothing intimate as the blogs are reporting.

Others are also of the opinion that Kevin Samuels and Britanny Renner could be coming up with an interview as he has been doing with other Black women on his Instagram page and YouTube channel. If it turns out that Kevin and Britanny Renner are seriously in a relationship, then you know where this might end, right?

Everything that happens in Hollywood somehow brings in cash or business to those involved so for someone like Kevin Samuels who makes Black women look like they don’t know what they want in their relationships to go on a shopping date with Britanny Renner should give you a clue of what’s about to happen. Money must be made in the end and that is what Kevin and Britanny seem to be doing.

We wish them the very best if it’s true that they are now a couple.

Picture source: Instagram


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