Kanye West And Model Irina Shayk’s Relationship Is Over

Kanye West And Model, Irina Shayk's Relationship Is Over
Kanye West & Irin Shayk

There is some good news in the camp of the Kardashians—as Kim Kardashian‘s estranged husband, Kanye West‘s relationship with model Irina Shayk has ended on the rocks. It’s going to be popping of expensive champaigns in the Kardashian’s camp since they’ve got two good news on the table. Firstly, Kylie Jenner‘s pregnancy and now, Kim, in the process of making things right with Kanye since Irina is out of the picture.

PEOPLE is reporting that Kanye West, 44, and Irina Shayk, 35, are done with their relationship and according to a source, their relationship “was never a serious thing that took off”. They were probably in a try and error kind of relationship—and nothing serious. Kim is probably reading the blogs and celebrating the good news.

The source says that;

“Kanye has been busy working and spending time with his kids. This is his focus. He doesn’t have time to date right now. He finds Irina amazing though” and also adds that “they remain friendly.”

People Magazine says that they hit up representatives of Kanye West and Irina Shayk for their comments but got nothing from them—and it’s probably because they aren’t bothered about the news and whatever the source said. Kanye is busy working on his ‘Donda’ album and also spending time with his kids and it’s so obvious that Irina Shayk isn’t one of his priorities, at least for now.

Somewhere in June 2021, Kanye West and Irina Shayk were spotted together during his 44th birthday at Villa La Coste in France—and according to People Magazine’s source, Kanye started toasting Irina “a few weeks earlier and they had hung out in New York City — where she lives — before then”. Kanye probably needed someone to be with while battling with his wife, Kim Kardashian, in court over their divorce and Irin was just around the corner to grab the opportunity.

Also, an insider who told People about Kanye West and Irin Shayk’s relationship at the time claimed that the rapper invited the model to France where she gladly accepted. Just last month, another source told People Magazine that they plan on getting involved in a long-distance relationship. I guess that won’t happen anymore since it’s now over.

The source claimed;

“Kanye will continue to be L.A.-based. He has no plans to move to NYC. He is very focused on business in L.A. too. He likes spending time with Irina and plans to see her soon again.”

The source continued that Kim Kardashian—Kanye’s ex-wife was fully aware of his relationship with Irin Shayk “for weeks” before his birthday celebration in France.

“It doesn’t bother Kim that Kanye is dating. Her only concern is their kids,” a source told PEOPLE at the time. “She wants Kanye to be present and spend as much time with them as possible. The kids love when Kanye is around. Kim doesn’t want a new girlfriend to distract Kanye from spending time with the kids.”

Now that there’s news that Kanye West and Irin Shayk are done, Kim Kardashian may rejoice and rescind her decision to part ways with the rapper. Kim and Kanye could make up and resolve their issues since they were recently spotted together without their kids.

Irin Shayk is now out of the picture, the celebrations can continue in the camp of the Kardashians!

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