Jennifer Lopez Claims That She Was Violated By Wesley Snipes In A Love Scene In The Movie “Money Train”

Jennifer Lopez Claims That She Was Violated By Wesley Snipes In A Love Scene In The Movie "Money Train"

59-year-old actor Wesley Trent Snipes has reportedly gotten his share of the piece of cake from the #MeToo movement—as 52-year-old singer and actress, Jennifer Lopez has come out boldly with a claim that she was violated in a love scene in the 1995 movie “Money Train”.

For the records, Jennifer Lopez didn’t expressly mention Wesley Snipes’ name in her violation claim but since that is the only graphic love scene she is ever been involved in her entire acting career, it is obvious she is talking about the legendary actor.

Jennifer Lopez who dumped Alex Rodriguez and is now in a relationship with Ben Affleck made the above claim in a recent interview. According to her, she was just starting her acting career and so she had to take whatever instructions given to her and act as told even though she found it inappropriate.

Jennifer Lopez claimed that Wesley Snipes allegedly pressured her and told her that if the love scene wasn’t hot enough, her part would end up on the cutting room floor and that would be bad for her acting career and since she was naive and eager to make it in the industry, she had to make it hot enough to get her breakthrough.

Jennifer Lopez continued that she felt very uncomfortable during the love scene and that nothing separated them in the love scene, the only thing that separated them was a sock on the actor’s b-ner. JLo says that she was naive then but if it was today, she would have pillows and covers to avoid contact with the actor but since she didn’t know anything about acting then, she endured the violation and got her breakthrough in the movie industry.

JLo swore that she will never work with the actor again and since he is not doing well lately, she thinks karma has visited him and served him with what he sowed years back. Also, Jennifer gave a clue about the actor who allegedly violated her and according to her, he is not doing well lately in the movie industry. Wesley Snipes best fits this clue.

On the back of Jennifer Lopez’s violation claim, some people on social media are advocating for Wesley Snipes to be canceled for allegedly violating the actress and singer in the love scene of the movie “Money Train”.

Wesley Snipes is yet to respond to Jennifer Lopez’s allegation that he violated her on the set of the 1995 movie “Money Train”. But we are likely not to get a response from Wesley since JLo wasn’t bold enough to mention his name during her recent interview.

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