Despite Showing Up At The Donda Album Listenings, Kim Kardashian, Isn’t Listening To Kanye West’s Album

Despite Showing Up At The Donda Album Listenings, Kim Kardashian, Isn't Listening To Kanye West's Album

The Kardashians have a nice way of staying in the news and grabbing the headlines. They’re best at that. Kim Kardashian appeared at all the album listenings of her estranged husband, Kanye West, but she isn’t listening to the Donda album as she has been busted listening to it on mute. Kanye West must be angry at her by now for listening to his Donda album on mute and then embarrassing him by posting screen grabs on Instagram to let everyone know that despite appearing at all the album listenings, she isn’t listening to it.

Kim Kardashian probably doesn’t want to disturb her earlobe with her estranged husband, Kanye West’s album which is setting records on streaming platforms. If Kim won’t bother listening to the album why then did she agree to show up at all the listenings? Here’s the answer, the Kardashians never want to go a day without being in the headlines so yeah, appearing at Kanye’s album listenings and even styling herself in a wedding gown at the last listening was another big opportunity for her to stay in the news—and it worked perfectly for her.

According to PageSix, the KKW Beauty founder, Kim Kardashian, wanting to let people know that she’s supporting her estranged husband, Kanye, sell his album, posted screengrabs of the songs “Hurricane,” “Donda,” “Lord I Need You” and “Ok Ok, Pt. 2” on the Donda album playing on her iPhone on her Instagram Story—and that’s when her fans noticed that the volume was turned all the way down. Kim wanted to outsmart internet folks but she got busted—as they started trolling her.

Despite Kim Kardashian deleting the screengrabs and then posting new ones with the volume turned up, Twitter was on fire—as fans kept distributing the screengrabs of her deceiving the internet into believing that she was listening to Kanye West’s album. Kim would have a lot to explain when she and Kanye finally settle their marital issues and get back together.

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Some fans on Twitter even suggested that’s what Kanye West did during his marriage with Kim Kardashian. He was probably listening to Kim Kardashian on mute all the time and I think she posted those screengrabs to let him know that she’s finally gotten back at him. Tit for tat I guess!

Since Kim has some loyal fans out there who appreciate whatever she does, they came to her defense via comment sections of blogs and claimed that she might have connected her iPhone to her car’s audio system which automatically kicked the volume all the way down.

After all said and done, Kim Kardashian would still have a lot to explain to her estranged husband, Kanye West, over these viral screen grabs.

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