After 27 Years, Bobby Flay, Is Set To Part Ways With Food Network

After 27 Years, Bobby Flay, Is Set To Part Ways With Food Network

ET is reporting that after 27 years, celebrity chef, Bobby Flay, will be saying goodbye to Food Network — and this is as a result of Bobby and Food Network being unable to come to an agreement on his contract. To the fans of Food Network, in a few weeks to come, you won’t see your favorite celebrity chef on the channel again. Y’all should prepare for a new host.

According to ET, Bobby Flay’s contract with Food Networks comes to an end by the close of 2021 so he will continue to record with the channel until the end of this year. He’s got two months and a few weeks to finally say goodbye to management and viewers of Food Network.

ET’s source claims that Bobby Flay is parting ways with Food Network after all his efforts to get a pay raise as that of his fellow celebrity chef Guy Fieri received failed. Flay thinks he deserves better and a pay raise but it is obvious that Food Network thinks otherwise.

According to a source, Guy Fieri’s $80 million three-year deal with Food Network was “based on rating data which proved his worth to the channel.”

The New York Post reports that it was Food Network that cut talks with Bobby Flay and not the other way round. NYP says that the portal has reached out to Flay for a comment so we will get to know the truth in the story, that is if, Flay responds to the report.

The New York Post continues that Bobby Flay since joining Food Network in 1994 can boast of starring in series such as “Bobby and Giada in Italy,” “Beat Bobby Flay,” “Brunch at Bobby’s,” “Throwdown with Bobby Flay,” “Chopped,” “Iron Chef America,” “Worst Cooks in America,” “Next Food Network Star”, “The Best Thing I Ever Ate” and others.

Aside from the above, Bobby Flay, now 56, at age 27, was named the Rising Star Chef of the Year by the James Beard Foundation and was inducted as a member of the “Who’s Who of Cooking in America” in 2007. Flay has obviously made his mark as one of the best celebrity chefs in Hollywood.

Deadline also reports that Bobby Flay owns several restaurants including Amalfi, Gato, Bobby’s Burger Palace — which can be found in eleven States.

There are also speculations that Bobby Flay is leaving Food Network because of Guy Fieri’s whopping $80 million 3-year deal with the channel which was signed in May 2021 according to Forbes.

Despite reports of Bobby Flay parting ways with Food Network after almost three decades, he hasn’t made a comment about these reports as he continues with posting and promoting new episodes of the cooking show to his Instagram page. He will probably speak at the right time.

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