Actress Andrea Lewis Criticized For Getting Married To British Record Producer Felix Howard

Actress Andrea Lewis Criticized For Getting Married To British Record Producer Felix Howard

36-year-old “Degrassi” star, Andrea Lewis, has tied the knot with British Record Producer, Felix Howard but it seems some people aren’t happy for her. Even if you have something against her, this isn’t the best time to capitalize on it and bash her for sealing her relationship to Howard with marriage.

Actress Andrea Lewis on November 2, 2021, hopped on Instagram and announced her nuptials with Felix Howard with beautiful pictures from the wedding ceremony. The wedding was simple yet beautiful and her celebrity friends and followers on Instagram made sure she got all the lovely congratulatory messages in the comment section.

But then, some people on the internet think she made a wrong choice by choosing to walk down the aisle with Felix Howard. According to Wikipedia and Google, Felix is 48 years old but some people think otherwise. According to those criticizing Andrea Lewis, Felix is rather 72 years old and not 48 as some blogs and Wikipedia claim.

But what has love and marriage got to do with age differences? Well, people think actress Andrea Lewis could have gotten married to someone younger than Felix Howard but what happened to the popular saying that “age is just a number”? I see nothing wrong with Andrea Lewis getting married to Felix Howard — the love of her life. I’m happy for them and wish them a successful marriage.

According to Andrea Lewis’s husband, Felix Howard, they got married on October 28, 2021, at the Paradise Kensal Green in the United Kingdom (UK). Felix in his caption on Instagram let people know that he will change his name to Felix Steadman Lewis “as soon as allowed”. That’s lovely. A man changing his name to his wife’s surname surely knows the worth of the woman he’s married to. It rarely happens but Felix says he will make it happen soon to change the narrative.

I’m not sure Andrea Lewis went into this marriage because of money. I believe she’s into the marriage because of love and not for material gains or financial reasons. But some people think otherwise. They think since Felix Howard is worth over $100 million, she is in there for the money and luxury living.

People get married for various reasons and I believe Andrea Lewis is into this marriage with Felix Howard because of love and peace of mind. As to whether she’s into the marriage because of Howard’s wealth, only time can tell. Once again, congratulations to Andrea Lewis and Felix Howard.

Picture source: Instagram


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