38-year-old Scott Disick And His 20-year-old Girlfriend, Amelia Hamlin, Have Called It Quits

38-year-old Scott Disick And His 20-year-old Girlfriend, Amelia Hamlin, Have Called It Quits

To the young ladies out there, it’s time to shoot your shot because 38-year-old Scott Disick and his 20-year-old girlfriend, Amelia Hamlin, have called it quits. This is overdue and expected since Amelia’s mom Lisa Rinna wasn’t in support of their relationship and I’m sure Lisa is popping the champagne and celebrating over the breakup.

TMZ reports that it’s Amelia Hamlin who broke up with Scott Disick and not the other way round as it’s been speculated. The question people are asking is what exactly happened? Their breakup is on the heels of Scott Disick sending messages to the DM of his ex-girlfriend, Kourtney Kardashian‘s ex-lover Younes Bendjima about how Kourtney and Travis Barker have been showing off their love life.

It’s obvious that Amelia Hamlin thinks Scott is still jealous and wants to be with Kourtney Kardashian because if not so, why would he be talking about her to her ex-boyfriend? Amelia has taken a bold step and dumped Scott over those messages he sent to Younes and it’s a good decision. Perhaps, Scott Disick should go and battle it out with Travis over Kourtney.

Scott Disick is back on the bachelors market again—and by now, he’s on Instagram and TikTok checking out the young models since those are his taste. 38-year-old Scott is obsessed with younger women and in the coming weeks, he’s likely to get hooked up to one of those young pretty TikTokers out there.

Amelia and Scott started dating in November 2020, went official on Instagram in February 2021, and on September 5, ended their relationship—all thanks to Scott checking out his ex-girlfriend, Kourtney Kardashian’s PDA with Travis Barker. From how things went down, Scott wasn’t really happy in his relationship with Amelia and now that things are over, I’m sure he’s going to stalk Kourtney and probably convince her to dump Travis and return to him since they are old flame. But sorry Scott, that won’t happen. Look elsewhere because Kourtney seems to have found happiness in Travis.

According to one of TMZ’s sources, “the breakup was coming, but the Younes DM was the final straw.” Scott would have some scores to settle with Younes for posting that DM on his Instagram Story for the world to see how jealous he is about Kourtney and Travis’ relationship.

Another source also told TMZ that Scott and Amelia had had issues previously and since they couldn’t be mature enough to settle it as couples do, they had to call the relationship off over the weekend. But according to TMZ’s reliable source, it’s Scott who dumped Amelia. He didn’t see any future with the 20-year-old actress.

Amelia sort of reacted to the breakup on Instagram with a cryptic post and confirmed her relationship breakup with Scott Disick. Scott has probably spotted a younger lady and working on getting her attention to start a new relationship. All the best to him!

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